Policies & Resources

Unclaimed Receipts

  • Unallocated Receipts for the period 01.04.2024 to 13.06.2024 - SBI 8032
  • Unallocated Receipts for the period 01.04.2024 to 13.06.2024 - Canara 0222
  • SBI Testing Account unclaimed amount as on 20.06.2024

GOI Approved Project Staff Payment Norms

  • Manpower payment norms MHRD
  • Manpower payment norms MST DST 26-06-2023
  • Manpower payment norms SERB
  • OM Fellowship Revision-2019 MST DST 03.01.2019

Fellowship Forms

  • Enrolment of Faculty on Grant of Fellowship by Funding Agencies
  • Intern Payments in Project
  • Enrolment of Women Faculty Scientist under fellowship Awarded by Agencies
  • Enrollment of Student on Grant of Fellowship
  • Release of Difference of Revised Extension of Fellowship in Project
  • Stipend of IITH Students in Project
  • Top Up Payment in Project

Project Forms

  • New Project Registration
  • Project Completion Communication format
  • Project Extension
  • Request for raising the invoice for Project Funds release
  • Request for Utilization of equipment facility -Internal-External users
  • Transfer of (Consultancy) Funds to RDF Salary Account
  • Transfer of Funds to Other - Sub -Institute
  • Closure of Project

Project Staff Recruitment Forms

  • Advertisement & Selection Committee Approval Form
  • Application For 3 Months Form
  • Extension Form
  • No_Dues_Form_with_email_Ids
  • Recruitment Joining Report Form
  • Recruitment Remuneration Form
  • Recruitment Selection Committee Report Form