Sensors and Devices


Sensors and devices are a research field focused on developing and improving the performance of devices that can detect, measure, and monitor various physical, chemical, and biological phenomena. From a research perspective, sensors and devices offer a range of opportunities to develop new materials, technologies, and algorithms for improving sensing capabilities and accuracy.

Ongoing research in this field is focused on developing sensors and devices for a wide range of applications, including healthcare, environmental monitoring, industrial process control, and security. Some of the key challenges in this field include improving sensor sensitivity and selectivity, developing new sensor materials and fabrication methods, and addressing issues related to signal processing and data analysis. Overall, sensors and devices have the potential to revolutionize many fields by providing real-time and accurate information for decision making and monitoring.

IIT Hyderabad is actively engaged in developing next generation sensor and devices ranging for electrochromic devices, quantum dot solar cells, to biosensors on lab on a chip to Nanomaterials based sensors and devices for applications such as artificial skin.



Faculty Department
 Anindya Roy  Biotechnology
 Anurup Datta Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
 Arabinda Haldar  Physics
 Aravind Kumar Rengan Biomedical Engineering 
 Ashutosh kumar Mishra  Chemistry 
 Avinash Eranki  Biomedical Engineering 
 Ayon  Artificial Intelligence
 Chandra Prakash  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 
 Chandra Shekhar Sharma  Chemical Engineering 
 Chandrasekhar Murapaka  Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering
 Devarai Santhosh Kumar  Chemical Engineering 
 G Prabusankar  Chemistry 
 G. Satyanarayana  Chemical Engineering 
 Gangadharan Raju Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 
 Jyoti Ranjan Mohanty  Physics
 K Nithyanandan PHY Physics
 Mahesh Peddigari  Physics
 Naresh Emani Electrical Engineering
 Prem Pal Physics
 Raji  Electrical Engineering 
 Renu John  Biomedical Engineering 
 Sai Santosh Kumar Raavi  Physics
 Saket  Physics
 Saranya Samik Ghosh Physics
 Satish Shinde  Physics
 Saurabh Sandilya  Physics
 Shiv Govind Singh  Electrical Engineering 
 Shourya Dutta Gupta Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering
 Sireesh S  Civil Engineering
 Siva Rama Krishna Vanjari Electrical Engineering 
 Suhanya Duraiswamy  Chemical Engineering 
 Suresh Kumar Garlapati  Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering
 Suriya Prakash  Civil Engineering
 Suryanarayana Jammalamadaka  Physics
 Sushmee Badhulika  Electrical Engineering 
 Venkata Rao Kotagiri  Chemistry 
 Yogesh Kumar Srivastava Physics
Ashok Kumar Pandey Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 
Prakhar Gupta  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 
Sai Sidhardh  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering