Catalysis is the process of increasing the rate of a chemical reaction by providing an alternative pathway with lower activation energy. This field has been a subject of intense research over the years, owing to its significant impact on various industries, including energy, pharmaceuticals, and materials science.

Researchers have made significant strides in developing new catalysts that are more efficient and selective in their function. This has involved the discovery of novel materials, such as metal-organic frameworks, that can serve as efficient catalysts in various reactions. Advances in computational modeling and artificial intelligence have also enabled researchers to design catalysts with improved properties and better predict their performance.

Furthermore, research in catalysis has also focused on developing sustainable and environmentally friendly catalysts that can replace traditional catalysts that are often derived from non-renewable sources. Overall, the continued progress in catalysis research holds promise for the development of more efficient and sustainable industrial processes.

It would not be an exaggeration to claim that almost all commercially produced chemical products are a result of a catalytic process. Given the socio-economic impact of catalysis, IIT Hyderabad has a diverse team of researchers working on cutting edge technologies in this area. The applications of this research span fuel cells, clean technologies, DNA repair, to name a few.


Faculty Department
 Ambika S Civil Engineering
 Arup Mahata Chemistry
 Bhabani Shankar Mallik  Chemistry
 Ch. Subrahmanyam Chemistry
 Debaprasad Shee  Chemical Engineering 
 Faiz Ahmed Khan  Chemistry
 G Prabusankar  Chemistry
 G. Satyanarayana  Chemistry
 Kishalay Mitra  Chemical Engineering 
 Natte Kishore  Chemistry
 Pinaki Prasad Bhattacharjee  Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering
 Praveen Meduri  Chemical Engineering 
 Priyadarshi Chakraborty Abhijith  Chemistry 
 Rajakumara Eerappa Giridhar Madras Koyel  Chemistry 
 Saket  Physics
 Satish Shinde  Physics
 Shelaka Gupta  Chemical Engineering 
 Somnath Maji  Chemistry 
 Sudarsanam Putla  Chemistry 
 Suhash Ranjan Dey Material Science and Engineering
 Sunil K. Maity  Chemical Engineering 
 Tarun K. Panda  Chemistry 
 Vinod Janardhanan Chemical Engineering