Bio-inspired processes and Systems


Bioinspired processes and systems refer to technologies and systems that are inspired by nature and biological systems. Researchers in this field aim to develop new solutions to problems by emulating natural processes and systems. Research in this field is focused on understanding the principles behind biological processes, such as self-organization, self-repair, and self-replication.

Nature provides us with a potentially endless supply of design ideas to solve some of the most complex problems in engineering and science. Given that these ideas are a result of millions of years of evolution, it is only natural for us to mimic them in our solutions. Researchers at IIT Hyderabad have drawn inspiration from this structure and design to come up with very novel solutions to problems such as oil spill remediation, waste management, electrode materials for batteries and super-capacitors etc. 



Faculty Department
Chandra Shekhar Sharma  Chemical Engineering 
Saptarshi Majumdar  Chemical Engineering 
Kishalay Mitra  Chemical Engineering 
Lopamudra Giri  Chemical Engineering 
Satyavrata Samavedi  Chemical Engineering 
Parag D. Pawar  Chemical Engineering 
Santhosh Kumar Devarai  Chemical Engineering 
Harish Dixit  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 
Mudrika Khandelwal  Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 
Debaprasad Shee  Chemical Engineering 
Ashish Misra  BioTechnology 
Balaji Iyer  Chemical Engineering