Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing field that involves the development of computer systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. Research in this field is focused on improving the accuracy and efficiency of AI systems, as well as exploring new applications for this technology.

AI is a term that is no longer confined to the academia or the high tech industry but one that has entered the layman’s vocabulary. The advances in AI technology have positively impacted essentially all areas of knowledge and learning. IIT Hyderabad has positioned itself to become a leader in this space by introducing strong teaching and research programs in this area. As an example, IITH is the only institute in India (as of this writing) to offer undergraduate, graduate and research degree programs in AI. A diverse team of faculty from various areas of engineering, mathematics, and liberal arts conduct cutting edge research in core and applied areas of AI. This is evidenced by publications in top notch conferences and journals, numerous sponsored projects, and strong industry collaboration.



Faculty Department
 Abhinav Kumar  Electrical Engineering 
 Abhishek Subramanian Biotechnology
 Aditya Siripuram  Electrical Engineering
 Amit Acharyya  Electrical Engineering
 Anand Mohan Ashish Misra  Biotechnology
 Anuj Goyal Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering
 Anupam Gupta  Physics
 Ashok Kamaraj Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering
 Ayon Borthakur Artificial Intelligence
 Balasubramaniam Jayaram  Mathematics
 C Krishna Mohan  Computer Science and Engineering
 C S Sastry  Mathematics
 C. P. Vyasarayani  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
 Chandra Prakash  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
 Debasish Koner  Chemistry
 GVV Sharma  Electrical Engineering
 J. Saketha Nath  Computer Science and Engineering
 Joyjit Kundu  Physics
 K Nithyanandan  Physics
 K Sri Rama Murty  Electrical Engineering
 Ketan Electrical Engineering
 Kishalay Mitra  Chemical Engineering
 Lohithaksha Maniraj Maiyar  Entrpreneurship and Management
 Maheswaran Rathinasamy  Civil Engineering
 Manish Singh  Computer Science and Engineering
 Maunendra Sankar Desarkar  Computer Science and Engineering
 Mohan Raghavan  Biomedical Engineering
 Mohd Suhail Rizvi  Biomedical Engineering
 Mopuri Kondareddy Artificial Intelligence
 Prabhat Kumar  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
 R Prasanth Kumar  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
 Rahul Kumar  Biotechnology
 Rajesh Kedia  Computer Science and Engineering
 Raji  Electrical Engineering
 Ramakrishna Upadrasta  Computer Science and Engineering
 Renu John  Biomedical Engineering
 Sai SIdhardh  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
 SakethaNath  Computer Science and Engineering
 Saranya Samik Ghosh  Physics
 Saswata Bhattacharya  Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering
 Sathya Peri  Computer Science and Engineering
 Satish Regonda  Civil Engineering
 Saurabh Sandilya  Physics
 Sayantee  Mathematics
 Shantanu Desai Physics
 Shashank Vatedka  Electrical Engineering
 Shishir Kumar  Electrical Engineering
 Shiv Govind Singh  Electrical Engineering
 Shubhadeep B Electrical Engineering
 Sireesh S Civil Engineering
 Sobhan Babu Computer Science and Engineering
 Soumya Jana  Electrical Engineering
 Srijith P K  Computer Science and Engineering
 Sumohana S. Channappayya  Electrical Engineering
 Surendra Nadh Somala  Civil Engineering
 Suvin P. Venthuruthiyil Civil Engineering
 Thenmalarchelvi Rathinavelan  Biotechnology
 Vineeth N Balasubramanian  Computer Science and Engineering
 Zafar  Electrical Engineering