Model G20 Initiative: IIT Hyderabad & INYAS announces Stage 1 Competition

IIT Hyderabad, in collaboration with Indian National Young Academy of Sciences (INYAS), has announced a National Level Youth Challenge called Model G20 Initiative. The challenge will be divided into three stages - Zonal, Inter Zonal, and National - and will take place across six zones in India. The competition will commence on March 15 and will focus on the six major themes of G20 Summit 2023. Last date for submitting essay is 26 April 2023.

The stage 1 competition is open to over 50,000 colleges and 1,65,000 scholars in India. Participants will be required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of international affairs and global economic issues. The competition aims to encourage young minds to engage in discussions related to the G20 summit and develop innovative solutions to global challenges.

The winners of the competition will be pariticipating in elocution competition, stage 2

The six major themes of the G20 summit, which will be the focus of the Model G20 Initiative, are:

  1. Environment and Climate Change
  2. Health and Pandemics
  3. Trade and Investment
  4. Digital Economy and Artificial Intelligence
  5. Inclusive Development
  6. Innovation and Technological Transformation

Participants can find more details about the Model G20 Initiative and register for the competition on the official website -