IoT-enabled aquaculture monitoring system to assist the fish farmers

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Internet of Things (IoT) is a very fast growing technology and the field of IoT is extending its wings in every one of the areas today. With the progression in computers like Arduino, Raspberry pi, the innovation is achieving the ground level with its application in farming and aquaculture. In this work, we have outlined and actualized monitoring of water quality of aquaculture utilizing Raspberry Pi, Arduino, various Sensors, Smartphone Camera and Android application. Water quality parameters used in this work are Temperature, pH, Electrical Conductivity and Colour. Sensor acquisition is conducted by Arduino and Raspberry Pi is used as data processing device as well as server. Photo acquisition is also performed by Raspberry Pi with the help of the smartphone camera to detect the colour of the water. Android phone is used as the terminal device. A user can monitor the water condition using an android app through Wi-Fi within Wi-Fi range and through Internet from anywhere in the world. Some analysis is performed with the four parameters value to determine the overall approximate condition of the water and required action. Every feature in this checking gadget can work legitimately and easily.

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