IITs Hold Inaugural Conclave of Deans (R&D) for Enhanced Research Collaboration and Institutional Best Practices

In a significant move towards fostering collaboration and promoting research excellence, the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) convened their first-ever conclave of Deans (R&D) and their equivalents on May 8-9 at IIT Hyderabad. This momentous event witnessed the participation of 21 IITs from across the country, marking a remarkable display of unity and shared goals.

The primary agenda of the conclave revolved around three key areas: institutional best practices and issues, inter-IITs R&D section collaborations and challenges, and external concerns requiring intervention from the Government of India (GoI) and funding agencies. By providing a platform for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, and collectively addressing common challenges, the conclave aimed to enhance coordination among IITs' research and development (R&D) sections.

To ensure continued progress, it was decided to organize this conclave annually and recommend measures for easing the research process to the Ministry of Education and the Principal Scientific Advisor's Office through the IIT Council.

This conclave marks a significant milestone in strengthening research endeavors across the IITs, reinforcing their commitment to drive technological advancements and contribute to India's self-reliance goals.