IIT-Hyderabad Launches SURE Scheme, Offering 150 Summer Research Internships to Non-IIT Students

In a significant move to promote research and innovation, the Indian Institute of Technology-Hyderabad (IIT-H) has introduced the Summer Undergraduate Research Exposure (SURE) scheme, offering 150 exclusive internships to undergraduate students from non-IIT institutions. This pioneering initiative seeks to nurture talent, encourage a research-oriented mindset among students, and extend support to Tier II and III institutes.

The call for applications is now open across all 18 departments at IIT-H, inviting aspiring students to seize this unique opportunity. Interested candidates can submit their applications through the official institute website (https://iith.ac.in/research/SURE/) or via the SRC social media pages. The application deadline is February 22.

Selected candidates will embark on a two-month internship, commencing from May 15. As a token of appreciation for their contribution, interns will receive a consolidated honorarium of ?15,000 for the duration of the program. The selection process will be conducted department-wise, with emphasis placed on applicants' credentials and research inclination in their respective fields.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the SURE Scheme, IIT-H Director B.S. Murty underscored the institute's commitment to fostering innovation for the betterment of society. He stated, "IIT-H promotes the spirit of inventing and innovation in Technology for Humanity. The SURE Scheme is the true extension of this motive of leveraging our research and innovation ecosystem to the entire country. I am confident the exposure to the research and innovation ecosystem at IIT-H will boost and significantly contribute to the Entrepreneurship Index of the country."

Highlighting the objectives of the SURE scheme, Dean (Sponsored Research & Consultancy) Chandra S. Sharma emphasized its role in nurturing potential Ph.D. students, fostering a research culture among undergraduate students, and supporting Tier II and III institutions. He stated, "The aim of this scheme is to nurture and attract potential and bright Ph.D. students apart from encouraging research culture among UG students and at the same time, hand-holding Tier II and III institutes as a social responsibility of all of us."

The SURE scheme's launch is expected to have a transformative impact on the research landscape in India, paving the way for collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship. With IIT-H opening its doors to talented individuals from diverse academic backgrounds, this initiative seeks to create an inclusive research ecosystem that will contribute to the country's progress and development.

As the application deadline approaches, aspiring undergraduate students are encouraged to seize this unique opportunity to immerse themselves in cutting-edge research and innovation at one of India's premier institutions.